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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

hot Indian girls posing only for you

hot Indian girls posing only for you

A village girl in India is very different from a modern or a city girl . A modern girl is a butterfly or a town, but a village girl is simplicity personified . She is shy and timid . She loves to work hard and not random and comfort.

It does not use red , powder , paint , varnish , snow , lipstick and nail polish or other artificial means to beauty. This is not luxury and ostentation. It is not talkative. Spark of life . E 'equipped with robust health . Lives in nature . It's full of innocence. Its natural beauty is attractive .

A girl of Indian village is exactly the opposite of a modern girl . Modern "is a doll, but a young village girl is an amazon . It's great and lady like . Their growth is spontaneous. Their paths are natural. Takes a hectic life.

From morning to night , he is busy , one or the other . A time to bring jugs of water from the village well , and another is preparing dinner for the family or wash clothes . Now milking cows , and another time she cleans nails and rubs the ground.

It occurs in all the duties of the family alone , is an assistant worthy of his mother. Festival to reach break the monotony of their lives. On these occasions , beautiful dresses , but it never crossed the line. It does not seek to introduce themselves. It has all the feminine virtues . Do not try the same status as the man modern girl.

She is illiterate. This is a great disadvantage. If you train at all levels of education are low. She does not know what a radio or a telephone. He was never in the pictures. You do not know what a TV.

It is not wise . She is superstitious as his mother and aunt. It's like ornaments. It is usually a victim of child marriage . As it was the same girl her age who is in charge of a family.

Before marrying , he worked for his brothers, sisters and parents. When she grew up and married , she needs to take care of their families. Overall, leading a happier and more satisfying than their counterparts in the city life. But now times are changing. The village girls also assume that the work city - girl.

In the past, women were treated as mere slaves. Well belong to the weaker sex , men used to keep them under his control. They were deprived of their liberty. They were like cattle in the four walls of the house were silent . In fact, they had no right . The most sacred duty was to obey blindly .
Although conditions in the country are changing rapidly , but women are still treated in many ways to the old. Nobody feels happy at home in the birth of a daughter . Even a girl must be a curse on the family. And " considered decree hundreds of thousands of rupees for parents. In addition, as a woman , she must always obey her husband . " Their 's not to reason why they do it , however, and die. " Was the currency for them. Even educated men and modernized want their women confined within the four walls . Noble professions outside world are considered irrelevant for them. Their husbands , they can be good or bad, are the lords and gods.
These changes are useful , which are gradually. Our country has changed politically, economically and socially at a rapid rate . The status of women is changing . They began to take place just up in free India, as shown by the following facts.
Free India, women can not be regarded as mere servants. You must play its role in the development of the country . This is why more and more girls are in education. No distinction is now in the education of boys and girls. Education is necessary to give them a place of honor in society.
E ' for the first time in the history of our country that women have the same voting rights granted to men. This means that women are now issues that are clearly outside of an active role. His voice is now more powerful and important than men . No political leader can now afford to neglect , or their rights . You will always be equal partners in the manufacture or reject a

Indians believe that between the real and the divine worlds , there is a world average of mythology. Here mythical heroes and heroines play stories of love, courage, courage, justice and revenge, hatred and senseless cruelty. Five women in the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata - played a crucial role in our tradition that every Indian woman , even at this time of tech -savvy, continue to be influenced by their life map ... International Women's Day , March 8, 2008 , was coming in , it is time to recall the Panchakanyas and see how Indian women refer to them today!

Are you a woman "earth" ? Did you feel because of your passionate and temperamental nature, an affinity for the "fire" element ? They ran through life as "water" ? Your mind is free and heavier than the "wind" ? Or have you to be as light as air and wide as the dream "space" ? As an Indian woman , it is likely that you and you just combine all these elements in all the qualities of the five elements. If this is the case, you should not be surprised, because all Indian women wear the symbols of their heritage , the most famous mythology Panchkanyas .

As heirs of the concept Panchkanya for centuries , Indian women are unique, to say the least . As their symbols have dual personality. You are bound by the strict rules of society, on the one hand but on the other hand, are left free to be used productively ChinKS in the armor of social laws and traditional male -oriented hierarchy well established. In the context of social boundaries , they can still express their personality and their own lives - and feel . Female icons of Indian tradition established for women to follow , then, are both admirable and confused.

Among the female icons of Indian tradition , suspended five epic characters . This is Sita , the heroine of the Ramayana and the wife of King Ram of Ayodhya , Draupadi , the heroine of Mahabharata and the Pandava princes woman five Mandodari , wife of Ravana, king of Lanka , Ahliya , wife of sage Gautama and Tara , the wife of Bali, the monkey king tyrant who usurped the kingdom of Kishkindha .

Each of these women is described as exceptionally beautiful and virtuous . In fact , tradition dictates that his character was so strong that no misfortune could reduce their spiritual power or their places of worship in the heart of generations of people around the world. In fact, five women have such a strong power over the hearts of millions of Indians , who called Panchkanyas (five women) to ensure that their names , redemption and freedom of all evils. It is not uncommon for Hindu devotees recite their names every morning in a Sanskrit shloka , to give them the power they remind symbolized because of their purity of character and mental strength.

Another interesting aspect of their lives - the graph is that all are legendary beauties in their own right. Your splendor and beauty caused kings , gods and sages sometimes small his desire or remove . Both epics describe gigantic wars, because the beauty of Sita and Draupadi was the wicked Ravana and Duryodhana lust after them. It is perhaps natural that , given their beauty , character and personality, connects the Indian tradition of each item.

In a strange way , life - graphs of each of these women tend to be in the lives of millions of Indian women still replicated. Whatever suffering and trauma each through in his life , repeated in the lives of millions of Indian women nauseam . It is clear that the Indian company , in its deepest core, still think the man born to rule and women are impossible !

Janaka , king of Mithila , as is well known , Sita took place during his fields were plowed . She is the beautiful daughter of the earth , stable, tolerant, patient and pure. The story of her abduction by Ravana and his suffering at the hands of the people of Ayodhya is to read every day in millions of homes . He continues to inspire devotion and compassion among women . In short, Sita , the princess of Mithila , was married to Ram , the prince of Ayodhya. Shortly after, he decided to follow his young boy in the forest, when he exiled for 14 years by her stepmother . Ravana abducted stay in this forest. A bloody war followed the sea and returned to his coronation in Ayodhya with Rama.

Oh, because of the suspicion of his subjects on their purity , Sita Ram banished pregnant in the woods, on the banks of the Ganges. Here , they lived in the ashram of sage Valmiki , the author of Ramayana, where he wore his twin son Luv and Kush . When finally united with Ram once again , they chose rather to his mother, to return to the land rather than return with her ​​husband as his empress . In this last act of defiance , he stressed his inner strength and rejected the pursuit of injustice they had suffered all his life. However, Indian men are willing to say. For all the suffering that has been exposed in the application because it does not stay inside the Lakshman Rekha drawn by Lakshmana for their protection, brother - in believers is , they say , was punished by fate to exceeded the authority of the men who were their fathers. It is expected that today's women to observe similar prepared by the men in their lives for their invisible but well-defined control line . Your career, their social activities and their behavior should be governed by social norms designated strong male and family. If you violate these rules , trauma and neglect are some of their fate.

Draupadi , copper was - toned beauty born of fire. Fiery , beautiful and willful, Draupadi is born of prayer from his father to avenge his enemies. She embodies this quality in their lives. Your burning passion for revenge against the Kauravas , who stripped in plenary, in the presence of her five husbands, caused the epic war between the Kauravas and Pandavas in Kurukshetra . Draupadi oath which binds long hair with his hands stained with blood , is the symbol of his personality. Your fear is stripped and humiliated in the Kaurava court led to his curse, a country where women are reduced as misfortune would never have happened . Even today , many Indians believe that the fear of women and their cries against injustice monumental left India centuries of suffering, slavery, bloody conflict. Fear and anger of Draupadi is a topic widely used in many ballet dancing - musical and poetic compositions in all Indian languages. Famous scientists such as Dr. Ananda Coomaraswamy research and Mr. Irawati Karve , who believe that the softness and vengeful anger are just two faces of Indian womanhood compared his character with that of Sita. Even the Indian Orthodox researchers believe that Draupadi asked piled on the humiliation on them, because they not only rejected Duryodhana , be free, but they mocked him , calling him "the blind son of a blind father . " Most Indian women are D " agreement, as this passionate hero of Mahabharata , millions of women were publicly humiliated and raped as punishment for defying the male or " as a man." Many men have been known to make use only of violence against women because they are " answers " Yes!

Mandodari , wife of Ravana , is still connected to the turbulent water on the surface of the deep and silent in their spiritual quest. Beautiful Mandodari tolerate the misdeeds of Ravana, until his death. Ravana , they say , many women abducted and abused Vedavati , the daughter of a wise man who courted vigorously until it is killed in disgust and said he would like Sita , who was born again because of its destruction. Mandodari was a woman of character , virtue, and untiring faith is and does his best to repair his ways Ravana, even in case of failure at the end . Mandodari the plight of millions of women now shared . A society dominated by men for the constant negotiation and illicit love of man and woman is expecting a child , despite its weaknesses love and honor .

Ahilya is the beautiful wife of Sage Gautama, Indra , chief of the gods , desires . Assuming that the person has cheated on her husband and seduced . Enraged beyond reason , Gautama cursed and made ​​a rock. After hearing the truth , said Rama during his exile in the forest, he hit his holy feet , and bring them back to life. Ahilya , admired by women for their tolerance and their essential nature is compared with the freshness and the active nature of the wind. Although Ahilya seduction was a fraud , because they suffered , turning them into stone. This story is for modern Indian women. Anyone who hesitates or insulted in the family - husband or children - will be held accountable and responsible for misdeeds.

Tara , the wife of the monkey king Bali , was also a woman of great virtue. Bali was a tyrant who tore his brother Sugriva to empire and kidnapped his wife Ruma . He died a brave death from Rama and Tara left too pious for the rest of his life to live. Tara is associated with space and possesses the qualities of intelligence , compassion and generosity. There are two other mythology Taras : Taramati , the wife of King Harishchandra and Tara or Rohini , wife of the moon god and mother of Mercury or Budha . The theme of Panchkanyas , each of these three women, who are all brilliant and virtuous. View all Taras three women were considered " property" of the people of India for millennia. They were removed, punished , abandoned, left to the miserable living as widows and sold by powerful men , even as slaves life. Things are not very different from that of today. Women suffer the same humiliation in modern India .
However , the question Panchkanya inspired by Indian women for centuries. They believe that even today , have a high affinity for each individual woman for the way they look , feel or react to the world around them . The majority of Indian women believe that tolerate and accept the worst injustices as Sita and still their duty and devotion to their husbands and families. But surprisingly, that Draupadi . Storms also close the fear, anger and revenge in his heart They believe that a curse , strong virtuous woman , the most powerful men in ruins . As Mandodari , live a life of duality. Using the turbulence on the surface of different experiences and a deep silence in the heart of their souls, while Mandodari comes wisdom , have an inherent gift of discernment between good and evil. In a crisis , they know to insist on what they consider correct. How Ahliya have power sleep buried in their psyche. You have the power , such as wind energy and compassion to forgive wrongs done to move . Like Tara , I am looking for a particular luster of their own. Looking for a sacred place - it is their right - in the vastness of space. From this niche, they spread their compassion and tenderness.

E ' for every woman's life - studying charts and personality Panchkanyas and decide what element is empathy. In truth, however , every Indian woman has all the nuances Panchkanyas in his soul !


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