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Friday, 7 February 2014

Pakistani Indian online dating college girls are in trouble due to Mobile numbers

Since mobile technology in Pakistan , the authorities of the country, with a good performance to come through it. Speaking of our friends or relatives , everything is so simple . Mobile has been extended to the whole country, even a poor person in the country with a large piece of furniture. His remark, and we have seen many times in different places beggar talking on mobile phones of their friends or girlfriends. eh!
While I have written about the problems of Pakistani girls who are indispensable today. These are directly on mobile technology. " The cell phone numbers of girls " is famous research on the Internet and people in India, Bangladesh , Pakistan, the majority do a search on Google to find the phone numbers of the girl. But the majority of cell phone numbers , cell phone numbers can I say, 90% of girls who do not go to these pages. But 10% of the original cell phone numbers that are not directly related girl . But she licks her friends or enemies boys.
Yesterday , my friend Kiran me his cell phone number is leaking and some of the guys called his tea and she is very angry. You can not change the cell phone number as his personal number for her family and friends.
Many friends cheating girlfriend , then they will also put put his phone number on the Internet.
Same problem with the pictures of innocent girls to post some pictures of these people with all of them allow girls .
His serious problem nowadays with Pakistani girls . I know that Bangladesh also have similar problems. About India , this scene is a bit ' different. Indian Sex and hot girls their daughters do not feel problem to share their number of children . But that's not all , rather than most of the Indian girls .
Pakistani girls should think that friendship with the guys to take care of, and not give them their personal belongings such as photos and personal numbers until they know very well. These proposals are all that said Kiran .

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